Meet Lydia

With an M.A. in Clinical Practices from the University of Hartford and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Vermont, Lydia Burdick’s career has been in human resources. She is currently a consultant at an international outplacement firm.

Lydia wrote the first of the three books in the Two-Lap Book series, “The Sunshine on My Face” for her mother, Shirley Burdick, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1998. The idea for the book occurred to Lydia when she realized that she didn’t know if her mother was actually reading the magazines she was given to browse through. When she couldn’t find an appropriate book, Lydia decided to write an optimistic and happy story featuring illustrations of older people. Her goal was to have every page bring a smile to her mother’s face.  These smiles made Lydia’s day.  All three Two-Lap Books are dedicated to her parents, Shirley (shown here with Lydia) and Larry Burdick.

Conference Presentations & Seminars
Lydia is available to speak at conferences and present seminars about her caregiving experience, communicating with people with dementia, and using her books as a resource for promoting connection. Contact Lydia for more information.

Interview with Lydia Burdick
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